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The Participants of the Seminar of New Training Technologies

OVTA, Chiba,Japan, 25 October - 5 November 1999
Mangu Pramudia
Organization :
Directorate of Instructor and Training Personnel 
Development, Directorate Genereale of Manpower Training and Productivity Development,
Department of Manpower Republic of Indonesia.
Adress : Jl. Jenderal Gatot Subroto Kav. 51 Jakarta Selatan - Indonesia
Telp./Fax  Nos.:
Hand phone Nos.:
E-mail Nos. :
62 21 5255737 / 62 21 5260487
62 816 810910
Functions of Directorate:
  • Firstly, To be the supervisors of the Instructors and Training Personnels the training institutions owned by goverment and private agencies so that their training programmes are relevant to the demand of the community and have the appropriate quality and effeciency
  • Secondly, to be the training provider especialy for trained and improve of the Instructors and Training Personnels.